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Printing the future

Factories have increased in size during the industrial revolution: larger, economies of scale, global distribution. But also, all things tend to get smaller and smaller. Twenty years ago, it took … Lees verder

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Our car as power plant

Together with prof. Ad van Wijk, I am working on a totally new concept for our energy and transport supply. We use our car for work, shopping and holidays, for … Lees verder

januari 10, 2014 · 2 reacties

Global warming by wind turbines?

Researchers have found warming of air behind wind turbine arrays, in the order of 0,3 degrees C. Huh? I thought that renewable energy reduces global warming. Luckily enough, this heating … Lees verder

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Why public R and D projects waste IP

Sustaining propserity in the EC requires reaping benefits of R&D, amongst others in the renewable energy field. Many projects have been subsidized in the past. But the rights and protection … Lees verder

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